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            Detailed and up-to-date, the Atlas of China is a highly valuable reference book which provides a general picture of the political, economic, social and physical aspects of China.
            The Atlas consists of three parts: introductory maps, provincial maps, and gazetteers. The 17 introductory maps give a general view of the basic aspects of the country, such as administrative divisions, ethnic groups, population, transport, relief, climate, resources, tourism, etc. Provincial maps are the main part of the Atlas which includes 34 geographical maps of provincial-level units, 4 enlarged regional maps, and 39 city plans. The captions give a brief account of the administrative evolution, natural environment, natural resources, economic development and tourism in each administrative area at province level. The index includes about 23,000 place names shown on the 34 provincial maps.
            A comprehensive atlas of China, this volume will be of great value to universities, libraries, and research institutes, as well as individuals.

            Language: English
            Format: 210 × 297 mm
            Pages: 290
            Colour: Full colour
            Publisher: SinoMaps Press
            ISBN 978-7-5031-4178-2